International Coming Out Day!!

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Hi readers:

Today I’m not writing a review or my currently reading like I always do, no today I’m trying something new. As you may not know, today is the “International Coming Out Day” in which every LGBT+ community supports people who struggle with their sexuality, and I think this is awesome. To help to raise awareness I´m going to give my opinion on movies and books that can help people who are struggling with who they really are.

 Remember yes God made us men and women for a reason but God gave us the ability to love, and love is not a sin.

Let´s start with LGBT+ books that I liked the most.

1.       Aristoteles and Dantes Discover The Secrets of The Universe.

Actually this book is on my list of favorite ones. I love the innocence of the characters in the book.  And there half latinos like they are awesome!  The book is so beautifully done, like it never bores you, it doesn’t feel like it has fillers just to make longer the book.
In the story it is an almost surprise that the LGBT topic comes out. And it was the first time I read a LGBT book, because The Perks of Being a Wallflower doesn´t count.
And also is my one and only book that I read where bisexuality is talk about.

2.       Blue Is The Warmest Color

This is a graphic novel in which I cried since it being, like literally I cried the whole book, and laughed too. It was so beautiful and touching. It was so real!
This book brings the L from the LGBT+ Community. Yes they are lesbians and I loved them.
This graphic novel shows how love can change your mind so quick. Love is this thing that doesn´t care if you actually love a man or a woman, and I think we shouldn´t fight love.
I highly recommend this book if you want to cry in your bed or want to hide in a corner of your room thinking about how lucky you are to have a family that loves you and supports you no matter what. I said to much let’s move on.

3.       One man One guy

This is another story where one of the boy’s families is very religious and the other boy is a bad boy, who for everyone who read it, we love him. I liked this book because It was a normal love story but with two guys! It says straight people have the same problems as gay people! WE ARE ALL THE SAME!

4.       None of the Above

I already made a close review about this book
This is the link à Here  Soon Coming In English

5.       The Bane Chronicle 

Is an extra book from the saga The Mortal Instruments, but the main character is Bane who is one of the most vivid example that love doesn´t have a gender and He falls in love quickly he believes in love and that love never ends.

Those were my favorite books, now my favorite movies

1.       Nordzee, Texas (North Sea Texas)

Just let me tell you this movie is very sexual.  They are teenagers but it is very sexual.
And I feel guilty to add it two my list because my family read my blog, Opps sorry!
It is a German movie, where this to kids fool around but one of them actually falls in love while the other one isn´t sure, it shows how people sometimes chose to be miserable because society says that what they are doing is wrong.

2.       Hoje Eu Quero Voltar Sozinho (The Way He Look)

This movie is so amazing!  First it was a short film than it became a movie, because people wanted more and they gave us more.  It is innocent, young and relatable.
You just have to see it, and you will know what I´m talking about.

I hope that with these books and movies people understand better how love is love no matter what!

Enjoy this day celebrating  the International Coming Out Day!!!