Review: Looking for Alaska by John Green

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Hi readers:


Have you ever heard about the Great Perhaps, well I have and I´m going to get it.
I will leave this boring and friendless life and no I´m not planning to suicide, I´m planning to go to Culver Creek Preparatory High School.
I will find a girl and make some fucking good friends; I will get drunk and have the best moments of my life.
But not everything goes the way you like it sometimes, sometimes after the fun consequences happen.


I´m starting to read some books of John Green, because this guy gets the life of a teenager. I started this book months ago but I didn´t liked it, well actually I didn´t even finished it. So when I read TFIOS I said I have to give a chance to this known book named Looking for Alaska, so I start to read it again and I was very amazed, because I didn´t expect it to be that good. The book is not excellent like TFIOS, but I understand that because it was his first book, and no one is perfect except Hazel and August Waters. Looking for Alaska was published 8 years ago, it is John´s Green first book, it is well written, I liked the plot around it, but the thing is I expected more from the book because I had in mind that it would cause the same effect it caused me TFIOS, it didn´t but that doesn´t mean that is good.

John Green likes to write about topics that are serious or he likes to write things that teenager do:

In Looking for Alaska: Teenagers, drinking, pranks and Death
In TFIOS: Cancer and love.
In Will Grayson, Will Grayson: Homosexuality, bullying and homophobia.

In some way any book you read that is written by John you can feel related, and then you think about the problems you have in life and how to fix them, that is what John´s Green books cause to me. Looking for Alaska is for 14 and up teenagers.

It was well written, it had a good main idea and it has a good climax to.
This books has only a small part of graphic sex so that is why it is for 14+.
I enjoyed reading this book.