Review: Memories of My Melancholy Whores by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

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Hi readers:

Well the book I´m going review today is from a huge and remarkable writer; Gabriel Garcia Marquez, he died recently so in his honor I read a book that has good reviews. This book is fun and easy to read, it has a few pages like 80 or 90 in PDF. This book has a rating of 15+ or 16+; it has sexual content, and strong vocabulary. This is not a complex book with mature vocabulary, it has a soft vocabulary and the story of the book is so good, it will make you feel that you are the main character. Garcia Marquez never made books for teenagers, all of them are for adults, and this one is the closer to teenagers. This time I can´t give you a synopsis, because I’m afraid of ruin the plot of book or to tell more than I have to, so I will say the main plot.

The story is about this man who is having he´s 90th birthday, he realizes that he will die soon and that he has experienced so much about life, but he wants to have sex again because he wants to experiment that for a last time. But he has a very specific type of women that he wants; he likes women younger than him, he likes teenagers. What he doesn´t expects is that this woman will make him express something has never shown: LOVE

I liked this book so much, is fun and entertaining to read I will give it a