Review: The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

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Hello Readers:

Katniss Everdeen a strong, almost independent young woman.
She has been supporting here family with food, clothe etc. since her father died
 In a mine when she was 14 years old.
She lives in District 12, the District of Mining.
Oh yes, I forgot the U.S.A was divided by 13 District and a Capitol
Each District has their own theme; some are fishing, other farming etc.
The Capitol is where all the rich people live and work,
Everyone were in peace, until District 13 decided
That the Capitol makes them work hard and they never get what they need, people die of hunger or for not attending a disease, they decided to fight.
They lose and the District 13 was vanished from history and maps.

The Capitol decided that for preventing this disaster again they should make
This thing named The Hunger Games, were they will choose a girl and men (tributes) from each District and put them in an arena, in this arena they will fight to death until only one person win from the 12 Districts, If a tribute from District 1 won, the District would get food and medicine until a new Hunger Game came back.

Katniss had to put her name in a list where they write your name and they trade your name for food, and every time you write your name you have more chances to been chosen as a tribute for your District. She and Her friend Gale, have like 20 or 30 times their named written.

The day of Annual Hunger Games came, everyone hat to go cleaned, and dressed with their finest dresses, which they were not that finest.
Her little sister Prim, from Primrose, she has 14 which the age when your name will starting to show up every year, this is her first time so no worries.
Its time everybody is ready for their destiny.
This woman appears; she has ridiculous hair, with a very colorful dress and with a lot of makeup. She started to talk about the history of The Hunger Games.
And it was time, first the ladies like always.
The name is ……..


This was the first trilogy of books I´ve read completely.
The Hunger Games is a good book, I was my first trilogy I´ve finished
completely, If you are an adult I don´t recommend this book to you
only if you like Young Adult books.
I like the background story of the Mockyngjay pin which
It´s a little bit different from the story they made in the movie.
If you have seen the movie, you will not miss a lot of details.
Almost everyone who is a teenager and had read this saga, but if you haven´t is good 
that you read it . 

I liked this saga so much when I hadn´t read a lot books, know I 
Think the book is okay, but still is well written book.