Review: The Maze Runner by James Dashner

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Hi readers:

“It´s cold and I feel dizzy and disorientated.
 I don´t know where am I? Why am I here? Lost in where? Why can´t I remember anything?
The only thing I know is that my name is Thomas, nothing else.”

Thomas could feel everything start to move and could feel metal by touching the walls.
Then he realized that it was an elevator. Why does he knows what are walls or an elevator?
He needs to escape from this hell, suddenly everything stops.
And a string of light came from an opening above him.
Sunlight hit his eyes and he couldn´t see anything after some minutes until
That he´s eyes adjusted to the sunlight, he could see that men were
Surrounding him, well not men, kids or teenagers I should say.
Hands start to help him. And he got out from the cage.
And he saw it………

“Everything will change since the arrival of Thomas,
But we don´t know if he will make good or bad.
And will Thomas ever know who he really is?”

This book was so good; it had so much action and background stories.
It is very easy to read, you would read it one week maximum.
The main character Thomas is very intelligent and his stamina is always to the top.
The book is about this place where only teenagers and kids are trapped in this place which
Is surrounded by this stone walls, that open at night
And leads to this Maze where there is Creatures and weird tricks that can play with your mind.