Review: The Prince of Mist by Carlos Ruiz Zafon

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The new home of the Carvers is surrounded with mystery.
In there you could still breathe the spirit of Jacob, the son of
The older owners, he drowned. The weird circumstances of
These death are just starting to get clearer with the apparition of
A diabolic character: The Prince of Mist, capable of make true to you a wish

For a high price ….


This was the first book that I read which genre is Horror and Mystery.

I like this book is amazing, the plot and the characters are very interesting and the author describes each scene so good, it will not bore at all. If you read a lot you will read this book very fast, because it is so easy to read, he´s vocabulary is not complicated. This book is not a book that will spook you out no, it is more of a suspense and mystery book, so it is for any person or kid. This is a trilogy like the most of books I read, but I think if you don´t like to read trilogies the ending of the book is nice and complete. 
I totally recommend this book, is so good.