Review: Frostbite by Richelle Mead

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I finished the book!!
I totally recommend this saga is so interesting and exciting,
The plot of the magic, romance, and wars is getting more complicated.
She is very descriptive in every scene, you don’t have to imagine that hard
in the book, because she gives you everything to imagine, which is very good.
I hope to finish this saga, and that you read it to.
So, now….


In Frostbite we will see the relationship between Rose and Dimitri.
And we will se some action because Strigois are back and more powerful 
than ever.Nobody knows if they are alone amymore, since last time , every Moroi family
Is worried for their lives, and Guardians are worried for them.

Lissa is searching for answers about who she is and if the spirit is that powerful.
She thinks there´s no other Spirit user, but is she right?
We will see who´s Rose mom and if they will get back together as daughter and mother?

War with Strigois is getting harder and there´s no that much guardians left
How will they defeat the Strigoi´s? Are they finally going to use Moroi´s powers or they will be still illegal?
Romance and action will be include in this book.