Review: The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

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Hi readers:

Hazel Grace is a fatalistic girl, well If I had cancer I would be to.
She was diagnosticated with Thyrodial Cancer, since she was 13.
She stop studying in School, everybody thought she was going to die, until they found
the right treatment. She has 16 now. She is not social
at all, until one day her mother made her go

to Cancer Support Group. She met this guy named Agustus Waters.

Augustus was diagnosticated with Osteosarcoma which made him lost his
leg. Augustus is this tall, good body, great hair guy.
Hazel is very white, thin, and with short hair.
Agustus will change Hazel life forever, in a way she would never imagine it.
And she will be happy again.

I really really recommend this book. It is my favorite of all times.
The writer John Green, is a humoristic type of guy, so the book has to be that way.
I read this book so quick, beacuse It captures you completely in to the story.
This books is almost just for girls, because talking seriously is very girly, but
I still recommended to everyone, except if you like books with action, because this one has none.
This books will make you laught a lot, but it will make you cry in some parts, because what the book is about is a sad topic.You have a obligation to read this book, as a reader.

No book never in my life has moved me so much, I still can´t think about it without a tear or a sad but happy feeling in my heart. Happy? Yes happy, I’m happy that a friend recommended me this book, happy that I read this book, happy that I know this book will never leave my heart and mind. 

Pages: 313

Published: January 10, 2012

Publisher: Dutton Books and Penguin

Recommended Ages: 13 - 

Book type: Fiction

Genre: Contemporary

 This book is my favorite book,
 so it deserves the five stars.